Silvermouse have proven to be very technically competent, as well as commercially aware and flexible in the way they have been able to work with us. They've helped us through a complex migration project and been adaptable when problems have arisen or changes in approach have been necessary. We would happily recommend Silvermouse to other customers looking for AWS consulting/services.

John Jackson, FLG Business Technology

Silvermouse were easy to work with and very supportive of our project, not to mention being knowledgeable, thorough and flexible. I hope to work with Silvermouse again in the future.

Mike Emery,  FLG Business Technology

I'm confident with the way James handles my website. He migrated and explained everything without me having to understand or worry about the technical details. James is very professional, friendly and extremely responsive. I can highly recommend Silvermouse services to anyone who’s looking for reliable hosting.

Dagmara Kida, Lingua Fusion

The support and consultancy James has provided us with planning and managing our infrastructure has been second to none.  I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he can diagnose and fix seemingly the most tricky of issues which gives us huge peace of mind, and his advice and recommendations about improvements or new solutions is always welcome.  I'd highly recommend James to anyone looking for an extremely competent sysadmin. Fast, responsive and excellent comms.

Ewan Duthie, Managing Director at Web Integrations Ltd

James proved himself to be a incredibly knowledgeable and competent sysadmin when I moved my hosting platform to Bytemark. He ensured the transition was as smooth as possible and continued to provide me with excellent technical support. He’s now gone freelance and available for hire!

Jack Barber, Jack Barber Ltd

James, you're clearly highly expert at what you do, and you are amazingly helpful.

Richard Clark, MRQual

My server was severely bottlenecking and the source, unknown. I contacted James out of the blue in hopes that he could investigate the cause of my problem.James was extremely helpful and happy to get stuck in and have a look at what could be causing it and very quickly James found it.After some nifty magic, James was able to completely solve the loading issues by splitting traffic from my node server into different pools on the CPU (I think that’s the correct term!).Not only did James find and fix the cause, he also offered support and indeas in many other ways at which the problem could be solved and went over and beyond his call of duty to help me in my time of need.I’m so very pleased I found James to help me with this because without him I was at a loss! Now everything is running like clockwork. Thank you James!!

Jack Nicholson, AB... the ideas agency

James is great to work with, friendly, knows his stuff, was instantly available to answer any questions and he got the job done quickly and super efficiently. Highly Recommend to anyone needing to switch over to SSL.

Jason Whitehead, www.bestbinocularsreviews.com

James did a fantastic job of quickly identifying many security issues on one of our most important servers (after we invited him to). He identified a long list of problems and suggested solutions for each. I dread to think what may have happened if someone less honest and trustworthy had discovered the vulnerabilities first – we owe James a lot, and I have no hesitation in providing an unqualified reference for him.

Chris Birkett

James was super helpful, super knowledgable and got us sorted very quickly. He was also very reasonable about the fee he charged. Would defo use again. Go James! 🙂

Natalie T

James is an extremely capable Linux engineer / Perl programmer who shows remarkable modesty about his own skills and abilities. He is a fun character to have in the office with his keen and quick wit and a selflessness when helping his colleagues with their tasks. Highly recommended.

Martyn Ashworth

I hope that I get the chance to work with James in the future.James was one of the most knowledgeable but also one of the most fun people that I worked with at UKFast, his determination to get to the root of a problem was one of the reasons that I appreciated being on the night shift with him.I hope that I get the chance to work with James in the future.

Adam Dean

James is one of the best Linux Sysadmins I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. There’s no point me listing the technologies he knows, because it’s extensive, constantly changing and he learns new ones frequently. If you have less technical decision makers in your organisation – will be able to work with them to get the right solution for the business whilst making good technical decisions that will serve as good base for the future.One of my favourite memories of James’s work at Bytemark was a new (less technical) account manager taking James along to talk to a client, and returning saying that James had been very supportive and helpful and the client was now very happy.Conversely, having to stop working with colleagues like James was one of the saddest parts about leaving Bytemark – if the opportunity came to work with him again, I’d leap on it!

Tim Dobson

James is a excellent programmer who always produced superb results.James is a excellent programmer who always produced superb results.

Alastair James, World Reviewer

James is a clever cookie; calm in an emergency, good with customers, and a dab hand with any Linux system. Over the ~4.5 years I’ve worked with James, I’ve come to deeply respect his opinion on system & database administration, and his good nature when faced with challenging situations. Any business relying on these areas of expertise will find James’ experience invaluable.

Tom Hill

James was excellent, quickly jumped in and provided the help that I needed. I really recommend him.

Robin M

Incredible. Adaptable, amazing communication & excellent work!

Simon H, Call Services Ltd